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We specialise in working with dogs with behavioural issues and aggression. 

Who We Are

Until Every Dog Has A Home was founded after years of experience working hands on within the rescue world. I soon discovered a black hole within the industry for dogs who suffered from severe behavioural issues or who had a bite history. With no place for troubled dogs like this to go, and no offer of help to guide them through their challenges many of these dogs lost their lives. 

And that is where Until Every Dog Has A Home was born! 

We offer rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and life time sanctuary for the most troubled of dogs, with our focus heavily in the rehabilitation and management of dogs displaying aggressive behaviours.

We promote modern, ethical and science based methods of handling and training, striving to set our dogs up to succeed.


The Dogs





Charlies death had a date, he had already been placed in rescue once but was quickly returned to his surrendering owner following extreme stress related medical concerns and uncontrollable, dangerous aggression levels. 

Charlie travelled all the way from the Isle of Wight for rehabilitation and lifetime sanctuary. 

He is making good progress and is learning to trust humans and the environment once again. With careful management we avoided any of the medical concerns previously seen when rescue placement was attempted. 

Charlie has a long road ahead of him but we will be with him every step of the way.



Maxi is a young Ridgeback mix who, at nearly 3 years old, has lived most of life in boarding kennels. 

Maxi has come to join us from another rescue where he has been since he was 7 months old due his unmanageable destructive and boisterous behaviours. 

Several adoptive homes were previously tried for him but sadly he was returned to rescue each time, unable to cope with the unfamiliar home environment. 

Maxi is a very friendly but very... "enthusiastic" dog who just loves to be active all day long. 



Daniel  is a Maremma Sheepdog who was surrendered to us for sanctuary after his aggression had become to much for his owners to cope with, with him posing a serious danger to them after numerous attacks triggered by numerous things. 

On vet checking Daniel prior to transfer we also discovered that he is suffering from hip dysplasia, this is a condition which we will have to manage for the rest of his life. 

Daniel now resides on the sanctuary with our trainer and has progressed in leaps and bounds in a short space of time. 



Oscar the little Jack Russel Terrier,  under took a mammoth journey from the North West of England up to us here in Aberdeenshire. 

Oscar has displayed severe fear and aggression for a long time however with a change in personal circumstances, his problems had worsened and become unmanageable. 

He was set for euthanasia, and was already at the vets when his family were put in touch with another rescue who passed across our details. He was offered a placement here with us and he began his new journey. 

Oscar has progressed beautifully, overcoming many obstacles which previously caused him levels of anxiety which he was unable to cope with. He has even made a grand public appearance with us at The Pet Expo in Aberdeenshire. 

Oscar is now seeking a very special foster home in the local area where he can continue to progress in his journey to a new and forever home.



 Peter is a young pointer x lurcher with an exceptionally troubled past. He came to us from another rescue due to having a bite history and because he presented aggressively towards various triggers.

We travelled a total of over 1200 miles, taking a total of 31 hours to travel from here in Aberdeenshire to Suffolk, complete the hand over, then drive him back here to settle him into his new life.

Peter has a beautiful soul and has transformed from a dog who was completely untouchable to a dog who craves and seeks physical affection. 

He overcame his fear of collars (which was a trigger to his bite attempts) and leashes and now fills with joy when he see's these walking tools. 

Peter still holds onto some nervousness from his past, but with every new person he meets his trust in the human race grows. 



Benjie came into our care with a very special story.

This little heartbreaker is just under 2 years old. A year ago, during a routine neuter operation, Benjie suffered a cardiac arrest and died!
Vets managed to bring him back but he suffered a few health problems immediately afterwards, including blindness for 24 hours and an inability to walk. However these problems rectified themselves over the next few days. 
Since that day however, Benjie was reported to have developed and continued to suffer from problems with aggression.


Benjie was thoroughly assessed and no behavioural problems were identified with him. He has shown no aggression since arriving with us. He has been with us now for a number of months and has been nothing but an absolute joy and delight to be around. 

He was given the all clear from our vets who could not identify any concerning symptoms in regards to any brain damage caused fromm his past. 

Benjie is currently living the high life in Permanent Foster care and is busy causing mischief with his husky buddy who he lives with. 




11 Year old, Jack Russel Terrier, Murphy found himself surrendered to us by his heartbroken owners after he found himself unable to cope with the introduction of a new baby to the family.

Murphy didn't get the memo about his age and is still extremely active and adventurous. He is very affectionate but even as a senior dog, he is still eager to learn new things and experience new activities and environments. 

Murphy has had no problems since joining us and has coped well with everything that we have introduced him too. 

Murphy is now in foster placement with a view to adopt.




Young Bert is a very beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback who was surrendered to us due to his escalating issues and bite history. 

Since joining us here at the rescue Bert has settled in well and is working through his training program. Bert is a very sweet, loving and playful dog once you have gained his trust. He is exceptionally loyal and loves to learn to new tricks and skills. This boy just LOVES to please his chosen human. 

Once he's ready he will be looking for a very special foster home with a view to adopt. 


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