Thank you for showing interest in giving one of our dogs a home!

Bringing a new rescue dog into your lives is hugely rewarding and we, as a rescue, like to ensure that we find the perfect match of dog and human so that everyone can enjoy and enriching, fun and loving life together.
To do this, we have an adoption process which must be followed by each applicant. Unfortunately, not every applicant will be successful and applying for one of our dogs does not guarantee that they will join your family.
This process not only helps us choose the perfect family for our dogs, but it ensures that you, the applicant, are also 100% certain that the individual dog is a good fit for you, your family and your life style.
The process which you can expect to follow is outlined below (please note that these steps are for guidance only and may vary per individual case).



WRITTEN APPLICATION – Firstly you will need to complete and return an application form. Just send us an email or message and we will send it over to you. Once this has been reviewed by the team, you will be contacted should we wish to progress to the next stage.

INTERVIEW – Next we will invite you for an interview. Depending on your location this may be done either face to face or we may arrange a video call with you.

HOME CHECK – After the interview, if we think that you might be a good match, then we will arrange a home check to be done. We will arrange for a home checker to visit your home and check that it is suitable for the dog which you’ve applied for. This will mean that you will need to show them around your home and outdoor areas. The home checker will ask you a few questions
about you and your family and will fill out a form which has been provided by us. They may also ask your permission to photograph the property.
If you live in a rented property you will also be asked to provide proof that your landlord has given permission for pets. Homeowners will be asked to provide proof of home ownership. You will also be asked to provide proof of address in the form of 2 utility bills. The home checker will then submit all this information to us for review.


MEET & GREET – Once the home check has been completed and passed, you will then be invited for a meet & greet with your chosen dog. Applicants will be required to attend several meet and greets so that you have lot’s of time to get to know each other, begin building a relationship and be sure that this is really the dog for you and that you are going to be compatible.

FOSTER PERIOD – After the meet & greets, you will be asked to complete a 4-month (minimum) foster period with your chosen dog.
What does this mean? This is the exciting bit! This is when the dog will come with you and join you in your home. This stage is almost like a “trial” period, where the dog will still be under ownership of us, but they will come and live with you. During this time, you will be given support and guidance with settling your foster dog into your home and continuing their training with them. You will be asked to keep us regularly updated about the dog’s progress with you. At any point during this period you can ask us to come and remove the dog should it not be working out.


ADOPTION – At the end of the foster period, if all parties are happy, then at this stage we will hand ownership of the dog over to you and you will sign the relevant paperwork and contracts to adopt the dog! After that he or she will be a fully-fledged, permanent member of your family!

** PLEASE NOTE that we reserve the right to terminate your application during any point of the process before adoption and that entering the application process does not guarantee that you will be selected to rehome one of our dogs.
If you have any questions or queries, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.