We have some news which is very exciting for one special little dog.

By now you will all know Charlie and his story. Charlie is with us under rescue of Balto & Co Dog Rescue. This guy has made remarkable progress from the dog that first arrived with us to the dog which is in front of us now.

When Charlie first arrived his aggression was dangerous. It came with nearly zero prior communication and it was fierce. His triggers ranged so drastically that I couldn't begin to list them on one post, and these triggers varied day to day with the constant being the intensity of his reactions. He had a trigger distance of 100m and his target was not necessarily the trigger. And to top it all off, poor Charlie is deaf.

He has been with us for almost 12 months now, in that time he has learned to trust not only the humans which are a constant in his life, but he will also engage with strangers. He has learned a range of behaviours which are cued by hand signals. He now accepts and actively seeks the companionship and interactions of his guardians and not only that but actively seeks play interactions with strangers, he accepts and actively seeks physical contact from his guardians, and has been conditioned to handling methods which allows him to 'be a dog' and keeps everyone else involved safe from any triggered aggressive reactions, and he has learned how to effectively communicate his discomfort without jumping straight in with a bite attempt. What was daily aggressive out bursts involving throwing himself at the kennel bars with intent to harm, has now hugely decreased. Reactions now are few and far between and can be mostly predicted by circumstance. Intensity has dropped and intent to harm reduced. The majority of reactions now consist of barking and growling. These are to name but a few of the vital progression markers which Charlie has passed whilst on his rehabilitation journey with us.

As I said, Charlie has come an exceptionally long way however he still has an exceptionally long way to go. But I remain confident that Charlie will continue to progress at his own rate.

Myself and his rescue, Balto & Co, have had numerous in depth discussions regarding Charlie's future and his well being. We both agree that it would be unfair to Charlie and highly likely to be crippling to his mental well being should an attempt to ever rehome or change guardianship be made.

From the moment Charlie was signed into the care of Until Every Dog Has A Home, a promise was made to him that he would always be cared for and we would always do our best for him with his best interest always at heart. Which is why an offer of LIFETIME SANCTUARY was made by myself and was accepted by Balto.

This means that Charlie will live out his life with us. We will continue to work with Charlie and nothing really changes for him except that he has found his forever place. For us however this does mean a huge increase in our expenditure with Until Every Dog Has A Home now holding ownership and financial responsibility with his added food costs and medical costs.

If you would like to help towards these costs, then there are a couple of ways in which you can do so :

Donations can be made to paypal :

Or If you would like to purchase items directly and have them sent to us then you can , you can purchase items from the amazon wish list below

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