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I have 2 dogs, both with bite histories who are urgently waiting to come to us. I have agreed to give placement and give these dogs the chance that they deserve however to accommodate them, they both need brand new kennels bought and built.

This includes the materials for a concrete foundation to build on for 2 kennels, 2 insulated kennels, 2 runs, 2 sets of courier charges for the kennels & runs, materials to build 2 security doors (to avoid door dashing and add security), plus 2 sets of cctv cameras, lights, heat lamps and comforts. This will of course be two more mouths to feed and medically care for.

To buy and build everything needed to accommodate these dogs we need to raise over £3000. (Cost Breakdown provided below)

I need your help to save these dogs. Both dogs are at risk of euthanasia without placementThey have the life saving placement offer which they need however to get them here I desperately need funding for these kennels.

First up we have a young 17 month old Viszla. He is a young boy who finds life very difficult. His family have worked along side fantastic trainers since he was 12 weeks old with great progress however through nobodies fault, he found himself in a situation which he was unable to cope with and he bit. Due to the nature of the bite he will be refused by larger, well known charities and is highly unlikely to find any other rescue placement. We really are his only chance to be able to live out his life. It is essential that this young guy is moved as soon as possible. He desperately needs transferred now.

Next up a 5 year old Jack Russel Terrier who's aggression has become unmanageable for his loving family. This little guy suffers numerous aggression triggers including humans, dogs and resource guarding. His aggressive displays are said to be fierce however he is a sweet loving dog

who deserves a chance. His family have managed his behaviours until now however with a new baby expected he has began to show extremely fierce aggression towards the rest of his family (where aggression wasn't previously displayed) described as a guarding behaviour. This would put baby at serious risk of harm.

He has been refused placement by other larger charities and local rescues due to aggressive displays during assessment who adviced euthanasia. Without us he will be euthanised. He too has been offered life saving placement here with us but he too needs his accommodation bought and built before he can be transferred. He is also urgent.

If you can , please consider donating towards the cost of these life saving kennels so these 2 dogs can find safety and have the chance with they both deserve.

If you can help then please donate using paypal: (Please remember to send as friends and family to avoid paypal fee's and ensure your full donation is going to the dogs)

Any amount helps. No matter how small. If you cant donate then don't worry, you can still help them by sharing this post with all your friends

Please, please consider helping us help them.



Thermal Kennel + Run + Courier - £1,365 (from Chicubes)

Security Camera - £21.99 (From Ebay)

Heat Lamp & Infrared bulb - £29.98 (From Amazon)

Materials for security door (including mesh & Timber) - Approx £100

Locks & Hinges - Approx £25

**There will be no labour charges as all building work will be done by us

Total Cost : £1541.97


Thermal Kennal + Courier - £1,025 (From Chicubes)

Run + Courier - £208.99 (From Dog Kennels Direct)

Security Camera - £21.99 (From Ebay)

Heat lamp & Infrared bulb - £29.98 (From Amazon)

Materials for security door (including mesh & timber) - £100

Locks & Hinges - Approx £25

Materials for concrete foundation (including cement, ballast & timber ) - £255.02 (from Travis Perkin)

**There will be no labour charges as all building work will be done by us

Total Cost : £1665.98

This gives us a total cost of £3207.95 to accommodate both dogs

On top of these initial costs just to buy and build the dogs accommodation we will also have transport costs, and lifetime feeding, general care & medical costs.

**I will update with photo's and further details as I received them .


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