"Let's Talk Rescue Dogs" is a an online, self paced video course, and is Module 1 of the full course "Rescue Ready" and a must have for all new rescue dog guardians, fosterers and rescue organisations.


In this mini version we cover the following curriculum:


• Welcoming Your New Rescue Dog.

• Those First Crucial Days.

• Avoid Common Mistakes

• Building Trust


What are you awaiting for? Available Now!

Interested in the full course? RESCUE READY is the ULTIMATE support guide covering everything from welcoming your new dog, stress and anxiety, and practical training and life skills such as my detailed step by step Loose Leash module.

The ULTIMATE online, training and behaviour support guide for rescue dog owners is now available!


This is a fully online, self paced course suitable and recommended for anyone involved with or is a guardian of rescue dogs!


We cover practical training for those early days including loose leash skills, dog to handler focus, recall and some sexy heelwork. We discuss transitioning your new rescue dog into your home and the common mistakes to avoid! Not only that, but we take a deep dive into stress and anxiety, and there are even a few extra BONUS geek outs for those who are left just wanting more!


AND, if that's not enough, once you've enrolled you have the course FOR LIFE so you can refer back to it any time! And watch out for more bonus content being added at later dates There's one more thing... you also get access to my very special PRIVATE FB group for continued support where you can ask questions, receive free content and share a community with other rescue dog owners going through the same things as you.